Where should I begin? Well, I’m told it’s unusual for someone with a background in the sciences to be into writing of any sort, let alone fantasy. But what do they know? Fantasy writers Robert Jordan and Patrick Rothfuss both apparently ignored those rules.

Not that my interest in science has waned, and it has long been evident: I earned my engineering degree from Geneva College, published articles on space exploration in Ad Astra, Space Times and Spaceviews (long ago absorbed by Space.com). Way back in 1989 I was listed as a contributor to NASA’s Space Exploration Initiative, but they never used my idea to dispose of nuclear waste in the Sun. That didn’t stop me from writing the paper “The Benefits and Necessity of Manned Exploration of Frontiers as Compared to Unmanned Efforts” which won the national Arthur L. Williston Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Finally, it seems, we may be entering a new era of spaceflight with private spacecraft. Maybe that’s why I keep my skills finely-honed building my own rockets and I (and you can, too) try to support those pushing the threshold at the National Space Society, and you can start your own space program with the National Association of Rocketry. Who says you can’t be part of the new frontier?

In order to make that future happen, we have to remember the past and learn from it.  In one attempt to help preserve that history, I support the The Archaeological Conservancy.

Now for a short speech:

Remember, even if you can’t be out there in the fields, the streets, or on the edge of space, you can support those that are. You can influence the direction the future follows. Don’t think otherwise. End of speech.

On this site I review books of fiction and nonfiction I have found entertaining or educational. I also chronicle the craft of writing and the business of publishing, including glimpses into my Watchers of the Light historical fantasy series.  We will also explore deeper issues of meaning as we find our place in the Story:

History warns us. Legend fascinates us. Imagination drives us. Authors take these and create worlds that entertain, provoke and warn. Ultimately, even fiction is about the Story we all find ourselves in.

Join me and Find Your Purpose. Find Your Story.

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