Among the Shadows


What was locked in shadow stirs, and where darkness has laid dormant, evil awakes.

This is not some mythical land, nor the distant past. Our own world, our own time, will face malice not seen since ancient times. Once, when the world was new, the Fallen battled the Light over the destiny of humankind. Civilization was left in flames, the Scourges turned back by the Watchers in the last hour. The Darkness, though, was not defeated.

Now, there are six that will decide the fate of us all. A new generation of Watchers, gifted by the Light.

Ethan, with unmatched strength and speed, has walked unafraid among the shadows. Milena is his equal and can command the life around her. Kyra, but a child, can see into the minds of men. The Darkness fears what she may become. Conrad can sidestep time and pass through the veil. Kane must conquer his fears even as the energy of Healing surges within. Duncan wields the substance of life as a weapon none can survive.

Those they face, the Dark One’s Followers, are also gifted. Their skills were forged in blackness.

The depraved seek lost relics infused with unimaginable power. Through portals of time they will raise an army of nightmarish creatures once lost to myth and legend. Collapse and ruin they will bring.

A war of the worst sort has begun. The six Watchers must stem the tide, or will they be drowned by the flood of darkness that ends the age of man?

Among the Shadows: Watchers of the Light Book 1 now available!

Read an excerpt from the Prologue, watch Kyra in action, Milena’s Lost Tale, Dark Snowfall, and Solana’s Beneath the Unclouded and Azure Sky.

Character profiles: Ethan, Milena, Solana, Rajnai, Conrad

Humans are not the mere mortals they believe themselves to be.

Watchers of the Light Book 2: Awakening

Watchers of the Light Book 3: Scourge

Servants of the Flame Book 1: The Fallen

Servants of the Flame Book 2: Wielder of Fire

Cover images used under license from iStock and Shutterstock. Digital design by Kristy Dean.


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