Among the Shadows

Humans are not the mere mortals they believe themselves to be.


There has been a war raging since man first set foot upon the Earth. A war with Darkness far worse than any evils recorded by history. These are the Fallen, conspiring in hidden places, whispering in the dark. They wait to emerge and spread terror over the land, while the world’s attention is elsewhere.

There are a few, like Ethan Dietrich, who do not fear what hides in the darkness. Inheritor of an ancient legacy, he learned that he could control the energy that surged in his soul and wield powerful gifts. After years of sending Followers of the Dark One back to the abyss, he and his wife Milena chose the path of a normal life. Ye they knew something was unfinished. Their part in the Story had not ended.

Now the page has turned.

The shadowmancer Ahriman has waited patiently since the failed scourges of the ancient world. Relics in Glastonbury and the Misty Valley surge with power for his Fallen to unleash against the last of the Watchers. Through the veil, and into the river of time, he seeks forgotten horrors to build an army that will spread out over the world like the Black Death. Where the Light once shook the mountains, the fate of humanity will be decided.

A war of the worst sort that will raise heroes or end the age of man.

Among the Shadows: Watchers of the Light Book 1 now available!

Read an excerpt from the Prologue and watch Kyra in action.

Watchers of the Light Book 2: Awakening

Watchers of the Light Book 3: Scourge

Servants of the Flame will parallel the Watchers of the Light series. The first two Servants taking place before Among the Shadows, then the characters of both will cross paths in Awakening and Scourge.

Servants of the Flame Book 1: The Fallen

Servants of the Flame Book 2: Wielder of Fire

Cover images used under license from Digital design by Kristy Dean.


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