What if the myths we believe to be childish tales were not fable? Have our ancestors left us a warning?

Duncan wanted nothing more than to return home to the solace of Sedona and its trails. He and his friends had defeated the shadowmancer Ahriman and the reborn gods of Egypt. Home was also where he could be with Solana. With her he could share what few knew.

He was a Watcher of the Light who could wield water like a weapon. Solana also had a gift, but her control of the winds wasn’t the only secret she had kept.

She was the key to a powerful weapon that had both saved and nearly destroyed humanity in a forgotten age.

The Lost Continent had been torn from the ocean. Fire from the sky scorched the land; waters scoured all into the sea. Watchers battled demonspawn unleashed by the Dark One. Now another seeks to do his bidding. She seeks revenge for all she lost.

If the Watchers fail against the Darkness, the age of man will end.

An age of Darkness will begin.

Awakening, Watchers of the Light Book 2 coming soon.

#ChooseASide #DarknessHasCome

Read Solana’s Lost Tale: Solana’s Beneath the Unclouded and Azure Sky.

Humans are not the mere mortals they believe themselves to be.

Watchers of the Light Book 1: Among the Shadows

Watchers of the Light Book 2: Awakening

Watchers of the Light Book 3: Scourge

Servants of the Flame Book 1: The Fallen

Servants of the Flame Book 2: Wielder of Fire

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