Lost City in Grand Canyon

On April 5, 1909, the front page of the Arizona Gazette reported that Smithsonian explorers S.A.. Jordan and G.E. Kinkaid had found a cave opening that led to a vast underground complex of rooms, relics and mummified remains. The report gives extensive detail of the discoveries. The article was also the last mention of the find every recorded.

Some have claimed it was a hoax because the Smithsonian denied knowing the named explorers. The article also referred to the Smithsonian Institute, not Institution. Investigators did discover references to a S.A. Jordon and a E.K. Kincaid at the Smithsonian. So were the “errors” in the article simplly typos in the era before spell check and multiple editors? Or were they more parts of an elaborately fabricated story?

If it was fabricated, why did the same paper briefly mention Kinkaid’s journey a few weeks earlier? Famed Grand Canyon explorer John Wesley Powell also alludes to odd finds in the same region of the Canyon that the Gazette article refers to. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility for the Canyon to hide its secrets for so long. No one has proven this one to a reasonable conclusion either way. Maybe some hiker in the canyon will stumble across something…

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