Tomorrow is a Big Day for End of the World Buffs and those into number patterns like “time prompt phenomenon.” 11/11/11 is seen by some as a big kick off to the 2012 — the Year-To-End-All-End-of-Time-Years. I wrote about the coming Big Year nearly a year ago. More on tomorrow’s hubbub can be read here.

Will 2012 be bigger than Y2K? People seem to be less optimistic of the world now: Economic chaos, war and corrupt governments all on the increase since 2000 went bust. They’re tired and fed-up so something like this appeals to many. It seems the logical next step for the world. Those of us who think of 2012 as just another year look at all the 2012-talk as a segway into finding ways to push back the problems of the world.

Instead of worrying about disaster, prepare for it [When All Hell Breaks Loose].

Instead of blindly trusting government and letting them divide us, change them [Broke].

Instead of believing in nothing or everything, how about something tangible [Why the Universe is the Way It Is].

And, of course, tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. An important reason to stop and ponder our history and where we may be headed.

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