Man’s Fascination with the End

We saw it around Y2K. The End was near. Now it’s 2012. I’m surprised this hasn’t reached 2012 proportions yet. Even if you didn’t fall for Y2K, or 2012 is just another year, many are still fascinated with fictional depictions of the End.

Perhaps it is because disasters bring out the best, and worst, in people. Such fiction becomes a look into the minds of men. They also become cautionary tales. Stories that tell us to be prepared and not go through life like zombies glued to our cellphones.

I recommended a few weeks ago One Second After. After an EMP attack is launched against the U.S., all the power goes out. Chaos ensues and one town tries to survive. All too real of a disaster. One that many say we are not prepared for. NBC’s new show Revolution depicts a similar event, though the exact details have yet to be revealed.

In Book of Eli, we see the world in the aftermath of some civilization. In the stark, wasted land, books are a prized possesion. Knowledge is at a premium. Think about that if all your references are electronic.

So we turn to fiction to learn. To be reminded about man’s nature. To be warned.

Are people listening?

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