Removing the Wool From Our Eyes

Bradbury. Huxley. Orwell. They all wrote, each in their own way, about the corruption of those given power. It is the belief of those few that they know what is best for the many. Their desire to shape and control your life. Their increasing ability to pull the wool over your eyes.

And that is where Hugh Howey’s Wool steps in and joins the classics of these other writers.

A dead Earth in the future where everyone lives underground. The residents of Silo 18 are all that are left. Their underground city must all work together to survive. No one can leave the Silo. Death comes quick in the old world. But there are rumors of the past. What came before? What happened on the surface? Is it the destiny of man to live under the Earth forever? And why must people be sent out to preform the Cleanings, never to return?

Some of the residents dare brave ask those questions and risk their lives. The answers are disturbing, but will they also change the future? Or will they condemn it?

Howey’s book is a cautionary tale that will become a classic of Sci-Fi’s subgenre of post-apocalyptic fiction. In an era of ever-growing power in the hands of the few, it is a tale that needs to be told.

It is also a story of how the human spirit can never be suppressed forever.

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