Indie Film Fest

I usually don’t talk much about films here, but they are written by someone. I like the big budget spectacles as much as anyone. They utilize the big screen format for all it’s worth. Yet, there are plenty of smaller-scale, limited release films that deserve viewing. Many are lower budget, but don’t look that way (thanks to technology being in the reach of just about anyone). So here’s my first selection of interesting films you may not have heard about. I’m not saying these are all Oscar winners or something that will change your life. They all, however, have managed to do one thing or another just a little different, or better, than what you may be used to.

In Another Earth, a second Earth appears in the sky. A complete duplicate, it’s implications for those on the first Earth are life-changing. Upside Down is in a similar vein, but here is a classic tale of forbidden love between two separated by class, but now also worlds, in what is a visual feast.

An Invisible Sign and Robot & Frank are both stories of families with histories and problems and how it shapes the children that come from them. See how they grow and overcome. Just a bit off-center, but are we any different?

The Debt is not based on history, but you’ll think this perfectly created Cold War story was ripped from headlines. Machine Gun Preacher is a true story, and an important one about the terrible world of Sudan, so often forgotten. Where are the world’s governments in stopping this genocide?

Trollhunter comes from Norway, and while some things are lost in translation, and it starts slow, there’s a lot going for this picture. A strong entry in the “found footage” genre and impressive effects for a small film. In a similar pic, Apollo 18, answers the question, “Why did we stop going to the Moon?” Playing into conspiracy theories, this found-footage film managed strong production values they make it seem like the “lost” sequel to Apollo 13.

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