Darkness Rises

The following post is a rerun. Why would I repost it? Because I made subtle changes that makes this a perfect example on how a little revision can make all the difference in the world. When you write, really write, you shape and reshape every word like clay.

There has been a war raging since before man first appeared on the Earth.

A war with Evil.

But it’s not what you see on the nightly news. This is far worse.

These shadows conspire in hidden places, whispering in the dark. They wait for times to emerge and spread terror over the land. While the world’s attention is elsewhere, they plan for chaos that few could imagine. They work to unleash horrors long banished to myth.

The Dark One is very pleased most believe such things fantasy. Others know better. Those who have stood among the shadows and crushed their campaigns. Pushing back incursions of the Followers of Darkness as the world was unaware, they asked for no reward. When humanity was propelled to the abyss time and time again, a few brought them back.

Now the Darkness has grown once more. Are there still those who are as the heroes of old? Will they rise?

The time is upon us.

It will be the beginning. Or the end.

Among the Shadows, Watchers of the Light Book 1, the first in a new fantasy series, coming soon.

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One thought on “Darkness Rises

  1. I love this: “When you write, really write, you shape and reshape every word like clay.” Completely true. And time consuming.


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