More than Flesh

Since the dawn of man, there have been pervasive whispers of the beyond. Much more than vague imagination, it has been innate to our existence and nearly all of our belief systems. In our enlightened age it is common to hear that this has all been in our heads. No next life. No heaven. No souls. Such things are unscientific and have been explained away. But have they?

Not quite.

No matter how skeptics have tried to disprove what they see as remnants of superstition, science has bit back. Neuroscientist Mario Beauregard marshals and impressive array of this evidence in Brain Wars and The Spiritual Brain that the mind and the physical brain and entirely two different things.

In other words, a nonphysical essence of us exists. A soul.

While Beauregard doesn’t delve into analyzing what religions say on the matter, he does show how weak the critics’ attempts to demote us to nothing but flesh. The point? Too often people take as gospel whatever the day’s headlines or the current special on the Discovery Channel proclaim as truth. Sometimes we are a bit too trusting in what “authorities” (or those who have proclaimed themselves such) tell us. Not that the majority of the world has given up their “superstition” at any rate.

Science has declared they don’t have to.

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