Making the Pitch

I’m always surprised what I find on a back cover. Sometimes no description, the giving away of plot points or it tells you how great the book is. That’s why I found Maria Murnane‘s post right on target. After spending so much time on your book, shouldn’t the cover copy be right?

Nor should you forget how important your Elevator Pitch is to explaining what your book is about to people, in an elevator or otherwise. This is also known as your Quick Pitch. Don’t neglect the little things that will sell your book. Very rarely is someone going to do it for you. Think Guerrilla Marketing. It can be work, but finding work you enjoy, rather than just having a “job,” is part of why you do this. As Rose Robbins writes:

But when you find work that actually makes you happy, work that makes you wake up in the morning excited at the prospect of getting back at it, HOLD ON TO THAT…focus on it, make the most of it, do your very best at it.

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