Treasure Hunting

Sure, your favorite on-line or brick and mortar bookstore have thousands of books to choose from. What about the thousands that came before? Used bookstores, flea markets and especially on-line sellers have given new life to forgotten books. It’s like a treasure hunt: Buy a bag or a “lot” of books and hope to find a couple gems. Maybe a new author, who isn’t so new, that you want to read more from. Or something out of the thousands of reads from the heyday of sci-fi and pulp fiction may grab your interest.

Perhaps an over-the-top adventure with the Swordmen of Vistar, a homage to the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs (unfortunately, the author never continued the series). Travel among the stars to save Earth in Cosmic Engineers or The Way Station from sci-fi master Clifford D. Simak. Live an amazing life throughout the universe in Stardrift. Survive on your own, on the run, in the all too real Rogue Male.

Don’t pass up those books with the yellowed pages and worn covers that are like unearthed scrolls.

A treasure may lay inside.


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One thought on “Treasure Hunting

  1. Some of those names ring a bell . . .

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