The Short of It

Writing short stories is a bit of a lost art. Few authors center their efforts on shorts, instead they are always looking to produce that great novel. There are few Ray Bradburys out there, but not many, who are (or were) defined by their shorter tales. The late master wrote hundreds and combined others into classics like The Martian Chronicles. Short stories may not be what they once were, but they are not dead.

Take Jaimie M. Engle‘s The Dredge. Set in an Orwellian future of oppression, Will Marrok has a gift of sight into the future. He is told what unfolds hinges on his actions. In a novel, one has hundreds of pages to detail an evil dystopian Regime, a reluctant hero and the people in his path. Jaimie manages to impress these into the reader’s mind in 68 pages. The hero always wins in the end, but the question is how will he? It may not be what readers expect, but the best kind of ending.

One worthy of Bradbury.


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