Final Fight Against Evil in the Lands

I first started reviewing Morgan L. Busse‘s Follower of the Word trilogy back in 2012. Now, it concludes with Heir of Hope in what is a final encounter between good and evil.

The story thus far has followed Rowen Mar, a young woman whose power to see into the darkness of others made her an outcast. Former assassin Caleb Tala has forsaken his past, but must come to terms with who he is as well. The Lands have been plagued by the Shadonae, those like Rowen and Caleb who chose darkness and the shadows that they conjure. In this volume, we see the reluctant heroes continuing to learn who they are, question what they can do and come to the edge of a final confrontation.

It is focus on a small group of characters that drives these stories forward. Sure, there is action as in all fantasy tales, but here that is not front and center. Readers will never be bored and at this point they can’t wait to learn what happens to those that they have followed from one danger to another. Sadly, this is the conclusion of the tale, but maybe Busse will return to it someday. The ending surely hints to that possibility.

The fantasy genre is full of stories on the timeless struggle between good and evil. It is the staple of much fiction and is revealed in our own world on a daily basis. The Follower of the Word is no exception. And yet so many seem to be blind to the battle.

Perhaps books like these will remind people to recognize evil, see its true nature, stand up to it and show how they can defeat it.


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