Stop. Refuel.

Doug Fields writes in his book Refuel:

…a life without margins is a life in or rapidly approaching chaos. A marginless day is crammed with running, driving, chasing, little time to catch your breath, and limited time to think something through or decompress…Why is it, with all these luxuries, technologies and time-saving devices in our lives, that we’re still busy, tired and marginless? I believe it’s because a series of lies has barged in and taken root in our lives.

Those lies are:

  • There’s just not enough time to do everything.
  • I’m just in the busy season right now.
  • But this is really, really important.
  • Success and busyness are synonyms.
  • We create much of our busyness for ourselves and then complain we have no time. This has become such a problem in the modern world that Timothy Ferriss writes, “Being busy is a form of laziness — lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. Being overwhelmed is often as unproductive as doing nothing…Being selective — doing less — is the path of the productive.”

    Much of this is in your control. Don’t wake up someday and wonder where the time has gone. It’s always there with this reminder:

    Don’t waste it.

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