Freedom vs. Politics

The United Sates was founded by immigrants. Generation after generation of immigrants came here to escape oppression, war, violence and to seek a better life. Both those immigrants, and the citizens that live here, don’t want the evils and problems that they left behind to follow them here. The laws of our nation have kept those concerns at bay.

Yet now, politicians who only care about clinging to power and making a name for themselves (from both parties, by the way), seem to show little concern who is entering the country.

If you want border control or background checks, you’re called anti-immigrant. If you oppose en masse amnesty to illegals, you’re a racist. If you don’t support unlimited refuge to hordes of people, you aren’t humane.

If you believe any of these things, see how being humane is working out for Europe here, here or here.

Violence. Rape. Terrorism. Cover-up.

But don’t just believe the media reports, see it in their own words or this impassioned message from a German girl.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal in the U.S. β€” if there weren’t thousands bent on destroying the nation; people who have been in a state of war with us for years. Just a few days ago, another terrorist attack occurred in New York. What was this, number 7 or 8 in the States, in as many years?

Tell me, do you really think knowing who enters the country is racist or anti-immigrant?

Or is it about the protection and safety of everyone, immigrant or otherwise?

If you are not disturbed that many of our “leaders” choose politics over protecting us, I suggest you take a close look at what has been occurring in Europe.

Ask yourself, do you want that here? Or do you want the government to do their job and stop the slide into joining world chaos? Is letting anyone in anti-immigrant or anti-everyone? Think on the last words from the girl in Germany:

I beg you to protect the women and us girls.
It is a cry for help which is ignored by everyone.
I am really afraid…
Nobody wants to live in such a world.
Please do something.
Protect your women, protect your children.
Protect us.

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One thought on “Freedom vs. Politics

  1. Thank you! Finally!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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