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Summer is Here, Grab it and Don’t Let Go

Last year I wrote how Dandelion Wine is a classic book setting the tone of summer. This year, let me suggest five goals for your summer:

1. Catch fireflies (or lightning bugs, as we call them). If nature didn’t have enough lifeforms whose complexity defies chance, here’s one that no kid, or adult, should go the summer months without catching.

2. Look at the stars. Why spend a cool, summer night in front of the television? It doesn’t take an expensive telescope or pair of binoculars to explore the night sky or the Moon. Be connected to our ancestors who studied the heavens for many millennia. Rediscover Earth’s paradox: A speck among the vast cosmos — a cosmos that conspired to allow it to exist against all odds.

3. Visit an old-fashioned amusement park. One that has been around for decades and in some ways has retained some of the original atmosphere. Sure, we have enough amusement, but the rides, sounds, lights and people from all walks makes for an experience all too rare. Hopefully, they are not a dying breed.

4. Build a campfire. Forget the stove or the grill. Build it from scratch and cook over hardwoods like mankind has done since the dawn. Maybe it’s the dancing flames or the aromatic smoke that brings us back to simpler times. Or perhaps the bringing of people together is a reminder of what we have lost.

5. Notice all these activities are outside? Here are some more: Geocaching, Hiking, Exploring (Waymarking).

Summer is a time to stop the busyness and replace it with life. The good life.

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Breathing in Autumn

Fall is hard to appreciate when you are younger because it always meant going back to school. Now it is the time of harvests, festivals, and the changing of the leaves if your region is so lucky. Dreadfully short, autumn is that transitional season that must be experienced before winter sets in. A few months ago I wrote how Dandelion Wine was a quintessential book of summer. Do any books do the same for autumn?

Sleepy Hollow comes to mind. Maybe partly because stories like this also preface the coming of Halloween, which is nearly smack in the middle of the season (and retailers have been reminding us of its coming since August). Hollow and those of Edgar Allan Poe are very different than what often passes as “horror” these days. Where the modern genre often tries to shock and scare, back in the day it was more psychological and creepy. Rather than being something you soon forgot, they were something to long ponder.

Perhaps the uniqueness of fall is meant to do the same: Remind us to slow down and stop and take look around us. Ponder and prepare.

See what is all around us for the very first time.

P.S. Perhaps you aren’t ready to say goodbye to summer yet. Check out Bradbury’s Farewell Summer.


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Summer is Close….

For many, this weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. For us purists, we have until mid-June for the real deal. In either case, summers unearth years of memories from everyone’s past. All differ a bit, but so many are the same: Summer vacation, blue skies, swimming, friends, beaches…

One of the best books to capture the essence of summer is Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine. It’s one of the few times he left sci-fi and horror, yet is still quintessential Bradbury. Set in the Midwest in (now) distant 1928, 12-year-old Douglas Spaulding’s summer adventures will remind everyone of those July and August days long thought forgotten. A must for your reading list in the coming weeks of Sun as you sip on lemonade or dandelion wine under the shade of a towering oak…

Dandelion Wine

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