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Find Life Before it’s Lost Forever

This extended excerpt from Among the Shadows is from a chapter that serves as an interlude in the story. In the midst of the dire situation Milena found herself in, this was an opportunity to see more into her mind and her husband’s, and explore deeper themes relevant to all of us. Enjoy…

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Character Profile: Milena

Eigen 2 No other species approaches what man has done. While the dolphins were still swimming in the sea, man was building pyramids. When the monkeys still hid in the treetops, man was landing on the Moon. And yet it is said we have forgotten our full potential. In a age long past, man could see further. The veil was not so dark. What he could do became legend. What he saw became myth. There are those, however, who have remembered who they are and what exists around them.

Some have embraced the Light. Others, the Darkness.

I have walked among the ruins, seen the shades and fought the horrors that lurk in the shadows. I control life around me. The blades surge with power. A mother, a wife. A defender, a warrior. Loving, lethal.

I am Milena. An Arc Maiden. A Watcher. The Darkness will flee from me.

Among the Shadows: Watchers of the Light Book 1 now available!

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