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Political Saviors are a False Hope

As a nation we are hurting. We are trying to find a political savior, and we are blaming it on this team or that team, this color versus that color. I argue for people to look deeper than that. It is the financial system that’s broken. People need to stop looking to a political savior to break their chains of debt servitude. They can break their own chains now by opting out of the system…

I asked myself, “Why, if technology is supposed to drive prices down, why is the cost of living going up every year? Why is it so expensive to by a house for young people, stock portfolios so expensive, cost of education?” There is a real reason to that because when you flood the system which cheap money, easy capital, manipulate what should be free markets, then you have the greatest wealth transfer from the poor and the middle class to the elite. Now, finally there can be a reverse transfer.

– Natalie Brunell

Follow Emmy-winning journalist Natalie Brunell here, and listen to her podcast Coin Stories as she talks to thought leaders in finance and society.

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