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Character Profile: Rajnai

Eigen 2 Where I was born, only dust remains. My home was put to the fire, thousands of years ago. Mound of the Dead, that is what they call it now.

Since the age of the Scourges, I have served the Darkness and my master, Ahriman. A shadowmancer of the Dark One, his servant on this broken world.

In the shadows we have seethed; crafted malice that people believe to be only myth. It is to our advantage that they don’t see the rot and decay around them. Once they realize, it will be too late for all of them. What lays dormant, now awakes.

I am Rajnai. I am darkness and all in the Light will fall before me. This is their end.

Among the Shadows: Watchers of the Light Book 1 now available!

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