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Spain Continues Plunder of Peru

After a legal battle, gold found in a sunken Spanish warship, from the days when they still had colonies in South America, arrived in Spain. If I understand correctly, because this is a warship, international law states Spain has rights to it and the discoverers do not. Perhaps, but what about Peru? This gold was taken from them after the Spanish forcibly took their country and destroyed the Inca civilization.

So centuries later, Spain apparently sees no problem with this dark chapter in its history and continues its legacy of stealing treasure. Perhaps if this were really an enlightened age, they would give it back.

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Ancient Art in Danger

Well, gee, if you expose them to thousands of people every year, what did you expect? More here.

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Atlantis Found?

Researchers announced today a possible location for the fabled Atlantis in Spain. This region, either off the coast or on land, has long been a frontrunner in Atlantis locations. Among others, E.M. Whishaw’s Atlantis in Spain argued for it in 1928. I haven’t read it, but I bet it will be selling out soon. As with any ancient legend, there’s probably bits of truth in it. Since so many fringe and mystical folks have co-opted Atlantis, many scholars won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Perhaps in Spain the truth will finally be uncovered.

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