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The Power of Story

It has almost become a cliché in books and film. A woman that needs rescued or a man fighting for his girl. Even though women are no longer helpless maidens in distress in most tales, there is a fundamental mythos underlying these stories, and the modern iterations. Stasi Eldredge writes in Captivating:

“…every man longs for a Beauty to rescue. He really does. Where would Robin Hood be without Marian, or King Arthur without Guinevere? …There is nothing that inspires a man to courage so much as the woman he loves.”

All true and perhaps that’s why the storyline never gets old. No matter how old-fashioned social “experts” claim it is, this is the story people want to read. And perhaps, as in many stories, it is a reflection of an underlying reality.

The power of Story is that it reminds us, awakens us, to undeniable essences of our humanity.

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