Mystery at Lovelock

In 1911, two workmen digging bat guano in a cave near Lovelock, Nevada ended up making an incredible find. They began uncovering hundreds of artifacts. Eventually thousands of artifacts and dozens of bodies were found. Many of the bodies were mummified, very tall and had red hair.

These remains affirmed local Indian legends about red-haired giants. Lovelock Cave was once near Lake Lahontan, one of many lakes that existed in now dry Nevada. It’s hard enough for us to imagine this desert state teaming with life and people. Giant red-haired residents decidedly doesn’t fit with what we know about native history. The site was largely ignored because it didn’t agree with the reigning theories and many of the original finds were lost. However, these weren’t the only giants found in the region.

So the question is, who were they and where did they come from?

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