Stepping Through the Mirror

Myth has inspired some of the great works of literature. Worlds that we disappear into, away from our real existence, yet the best inspire and teach as well or better than any nonfiction. Primarily because they engage our imagination, the most powerful part of our intellect.

So from here forward, I will be expanding the scope of this site to include more on fiction and the fascinating worlds they contain. Even though I am old-school when it comes to reading (paper please), e-books may have opened a golden opportunity to reintroduce the power of fiction. Still, paper is going nowhere too soon as it is far more durable than our best inventions. Funny, isn’t it?

Where to begin but with the father of modern fantasy, George MacDonald. Many readers probably are unfamiliar with this man, yet he inspired C.S. Lewis. He and his children encouraged Lewis Carroll to publish. Long before Tolkien, MacDonald was revealing fantastic worlds. More in the style of fairy tale fantasy than epic, but an absolute must for fantasy fans. Over a hundred years ago, this author started it all with his sophisticated and magical stories.

The Princess and the Goblin
The Princess and Curdie
The Complete Fairy Tales

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