Stonehenge, Monument of the Ancient World

Stonehenge is one of those iconic ruins of the ancient world. Long a mystery in its origins and purpose, it is over 4000 years old. It’s a magnet for strange theories from UFOs to being built by Merlin. Much of this plays into the mistaken belief that man was dumb and incapable of doing anything but surviving in prehistoric times. We know this stereotype is untrue and ancient man was capable of many things. Stonehenge may have been hard to build, but not impossible. Long before the Celts or Druids, the early residents of Britain built Stonehenge as part of a much larger complex of roads and structures for use in their seasonal and religious traditions. Check out the book Stonehenge Complete for a thorough history. The National Geographic special Stonehenge Decoded will show you detailed recreations of the people responsible for this monument.

History is, in fact, often more interesting than those pushing bizarre fantasies.

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