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Europe’s Lost Civilization

For centuries, people have marveled and wondered at Stonehenge. Who built it and for what purpose? Yet, Stonehenge is only one of thousands of monolithic structures across Europe. Across many regions, over thousands of miles, do they share a common culture? Is there some ancient and lost people or tradition that began raising stones? And for what purpose?

Many reasons for the stone circles and similar creations have been put forth. Burials, religious and cultural ceremonies, or astronomical observatories. Perhaps the most intriguing possibility is some of these sites may have been used to send messages and preserve information.

Were they passing down history to their own people, or did they have a message for us?

The more these structures are studied, the more I am convinced a large slice of history is missing. A forgotten people, supposedly primitive, raised difficult monuments. Perhaps they weren’t as unadvanced as we thought. Recent decades have seen history rewritten as we learn not all stone age people were a step away from cavemen. There is still much we need to learn.

If you want to explore this lost world further, start with Standing with Stones, a documentary by the Prehistory Guys. Then try the two part Secrets of the Stone Age. For even more fascinating exploration, dive into The Memory Code and Stonehenge Complete.

Something amazing happened across Europe and the British Isles in a time lost to us. We could be only a turn of a shovel away from remembering what has been long forgotten.

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News From the Past & A Warning From Above

If you have completely lost interest in what the media chooses for news every night and in the daily papers, and the incompetence of the government makes you want to never turn the news on again, here’s some interesting recent stories:

The latest finds on Stonehenge indicate it started as a huge graveyard. Stonehenge’s importance for the dead has long been known, but these finds continue to roll back myths about aliens and druids building the ancient structure.

There’s a lot of empty space in Pacific Ocean and there has long been speculation of lost lands (and civilizations). Now the remains of a micro-continent scientists have named Mauritia have been found.

The Sahara continues to reveal North Africa was more than a desert in ancient times, giving up remains of stone age peoples.

And while the government can’t agree on what to waste our money on next, asteroids have been making a number of visits to Earth as of late. Impact events have changed Earth’s, and our, history in the past.

But, hey, Congress is busy buying each other’s votes and pretending they are looking out for you. You have nothing to worry about.

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Small Books, Big Ideas

I ran across the Wooden Books series nearly ten years ago. These small books are 58 pages long and each cover one topic or another of fascinating interest. They are profusely illustrated in an old-fashioned drawing kind of way and packed with information and history. By now, they have quite a collection of different subjects, many unusual, arcane or esoteric. Many I have no interest in and a few are out there on the fringe (Crop circles? UFOs? No thanks.). There are a number of them that I have found quite good. And here they are.

If your interests lie in the underlying patterns and math that describes our universe, Symmetry: The Ordering Principle, Sacred Geometry, The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret, A Little Book of Coincidence and Sun, Moon & Earth will give you endless paths to explore.

If archaeology and ancient history is more your style, Stonehenge, The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars, Glastonbury: Isle of Avalon and Leys will allow you to begin your world exploring from your home.

This is like having a library of forgotten knowledge at your fingertips. Ideas and places that most people have no clue about. When they do crack the covers, they may be surprised that there are far more interesting things to be learned not on their phone or television.

Sometimes epic journeys start with small steps.

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Stonehenge, Monument of the Ancient World

Stonehenge is one of those iconic ruins of the ancient world. Long a mystery in its origins and purpose, it is over 4000 years old. It’s a magnet for strange theories from UFOs to being built by Merlin. Much of this plays into the mistaken belief that man was dumb and incapable of doing anything but surviving in prehistoric times. We know this stereotype is untrue and ancient man was capable of many things. Stonehenge may have been hard to build, but not impossible. Long before the Celts or Druids, the early residents of Britain built Stonehenge as part of a much larger complex of roads and structures for use in their seasonal and religious traditions. Check out the book Stonehenge Complete for a thorough history. The National Geographic special Stonehenge Decoded will show you detailed recreations of the people responsible for this monument.

History is, in fact, often more interesting than those pushing bizarre fantasies.

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