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Small Books, Big Ideas

I ran across the Wooden Books series nearly ten years ago. These small books are 58 pages long and each cover one topic or another of fascinating interest. They are profusely illustrated in an old-fashioned drawing kind of way and packed with information and history. By now, they have quite a collection of different subjects, many unusual, arcane or esoteric. Many I have no interest in and a few are out there on the fringe (Crop circles? UFOs? No thanks.). There are a number of them that I have found quite good. And here they are.

If your interests lie in the underlying patterns and math that describes our universe, Symmetry: The Ordering Principle, Sacred Geometry, The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret, A Little Book of Coincidence and Sun, Moon & Earth will give you endless paths to explore.

If archaeology and ancient history is more your style, Stonehenge, The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars, Glastonbury: Isle of Avalon and Leys will allow you to begin your world exploring from your home.

This is like having a library of forgotten knowledge at your fingertips. Ideas and places that most people have no clue about. When they do crack the covers, they may be surprised that there are far more interesting things to be learned not on their phone or television.

Sometimes epic journeys start with small steps.

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Apocalypse Time

Here’s something to read while you are hunkered down in your bunker tonight waiting for the Mayan Apocalypse: 6 Real Threats Facing the US. Note the article doesn’t list the government’s poor responses to disasters or their driving us to a financial collapse…

It’s probably too late now, but The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars is an informative little book on the ancient world’s time-keeping. Or for a more detailed examination of their skywatching, try Stairways to the Stars. This book is far more fascinating than those by people who pretend to know something about the Mayans.

There’s still time to go buy canned chicken. Hey, doesn’t hurt to be prepared. It’s not like the government is going to help you out whether it’s Mayans, snowstorms or whatever may come your way.

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