History…or Something of Christmas Cards

In my latest entry on Christmas history I was going to discuss Christmas cards, but it’s not that exciting. The tradition started in the 1800s and for more you’ll have to Yahoo! it. It is, however, a great tradition, beyond being the yearly end-of-year bailout for the USPS.

It lets people know you are still alive, not having made contact since the previous year. Some say the electronically-connected society we live in is making this tradition obsolete. Afterall, everyone is constantly texting, Facebooking and what ever other -ing they do (blogging would be another). For some, perhaps. For others, even with all of this stuff they still can’t seem to find the time to communicate. Others have lost the ability to function socially face-to-face with other humans entirely.

Christmas cards force people to remember how to use the mailbox and perhaps dust off some handwriting skills. Or at least use the printer. Of course there is the age-old dilemma, “Do we send one to people who didn’t send one last year?”

It’s kind of funny during the season of love that our loving side and belligerent side still find time to argue. Sure, we may reason, “Why bother when we haven’t heard from them in months?” I say that is the best reason to send them out.

On the other hand, I don’t want to bailout the USPS and the mess they created, but hey, it’s about the only time of year we buy stamps anymore.

So if you haven’t yet, you still have time to buy some cards and stamps and let people know you are still holding up somewhere.

Maybe it might even make someone happy.

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