To the End of the Universe

So I was strolling around in one of those overstock/surplus stores and this particular one has a large books section. New books, cheap. Every once in a while one finds a treasure digging through the stacks. A hardback sci-fi trilogy by Chris Walley caught my attention.

Never heard of it. Nice hardcover editions, though. Someone invested in these. All the comparisons to Tolkien and Lewis a bit much, as are the hokey nameless internet reviews on the back. Well, I’ll buy the first one and see how it goes. Haven’t had much luck with sci-fi lately.

Needless to say, I went back and bought the other two. Walley’s series is a genuine, sci-fi epic. Original and engrossing. Mankind thousands of years into the future has settled among the stars. Conflict and evil are virtually unheard of.

Of course, that all changes.

How Walley shows evil’s subtle re-entry into the universe and its effect on people is a unique perspective. Epic action abounds. There is a religious worldview in the background, but to label this “Christian Fiction” does it a disservice (no one labels The Lord of the Rings that way and rarely the Narnia books even though the parallels are more obvious), because the way publishing works that means it probably won’t be on the sci-fi shelf.

Thus many will miss this bright spot in the sci-fi world. For those of you afraid of such things, the religion is neither preachy or contrived nor overwhelming. Walley does it the right way and his beliefs inform his work, not overpower it.

So if you are in need for an escape to another part of the universe, check these out soon:

The Shadow and Night
The Dark Foundations
The Infinite Day

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2 thoughts on “To the End of the Universe

  1. Newmann

    Hi; I was reading this entry tonight about you finding the Chris Walley trilogy, so I went to his site. Lo and behold, on his front page, is the same pic of the bridge as you have. I found that a bit coincidental. You ?


    • Ancient Explorer

      No. It is in the public domain or at least to anyone using the same hosting system.


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