Telling Stories

How many people do you know that you really know? Think about it. How many coworkers, friends and family — people you known for many years — have told you their story? When do we think to ask, “Tell me your story” ? The fact is this:

Everyone has a story.

We all tend to live in very small parts of the human existence, in spite of being connected 24/7. That’s why I like those type of short stories that are snapshots of another part of the country. Someone else’s life. Take Edd Voss’ Rambling.

It is a collection of short stories, some inspired by his travels and life, others completely fictional. In the midst of some very personal tales, we find two pieces of sci-fi. In all of them, if for only a few moments, you are able to leave your world for a bit. It’s like taking a trip cross-country (fitting for the author — a truck driver), through time and imagination. Visit where you have never been. Find people you’ve never met.

Everyone should take the time to put together a book like this. They don’t have to be epics or perfect in prose or looking for fame and fortune. Everyone has stories that deserve to be told and preserved.

When will you tell yours?

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3 thoughts on “Telling Stories

  1. Thank you so kindly for mentioning my book Rambling. I am very happy that you enjoyed it.


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