When Will You Tell Yours?

I wrote awhile back that everyone should put their story into print. Whether for the whole world, or just for family and friends, everyone should record at least some segment of their life for posterity.

Think about all the people that have come and gone. Few walk the Earth and not impact or influence others, whether they know it or not. Every person you meet, even for a fleeting moment, is a Point of Contact, a chance to make a ripple in their Stream of Time, their Story.

Take Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Pausch, who was a professor, presented his “Last Lecture” at his university. It wasn’t just on his field of expertise, but his life story, which he converted into his best-selling book.

Did he cram every bit of wisdom and experience of his life into a short book? No, of course not. What he did do was give windows into his life that would allow his children, some very young at the time, know who their father was.

Or as Ed Voss did in Rambling, a combination of true and fictional stories. Some people can tell as much, or more, about themselves through fiction as they can fact.

Everyone should take the time to put together books like these. They don’t have to be epics or perfect in prose or looking for fame and fortune. Everyone has stories that deserve to be told and preserved.

When will you tell yours?

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