Will You Let Society Define your Humantity?

Exponentially growth in allergies. ADD. Autism. A very short time ago, these conditions were rare. No, they weren’t going completely undiagnosed. They were rare compared to now. Add to that other chronic conditions which make up the bulk of our healthcare costs and it seems our increasing lifespan may head in the other direction (if it hasn’t already, hidden by the science that heals many of these issues that would otherwise be deadly).

Sadly, many of our health problems are preventable or, at the very least, reducible in severity and frequency.

Worse, in spite of all the angst spent on health and disease, it doesn’t seem many want to change.

Or has there been a slowly growing movement in which many are taking their health in the own hands?

Based on my own observations (growth in healthy food options, availability of information, more people abandoning fad diets for healthy lifestyles…), I think there is, but what percentage of the population this involves, I do not know. I do known, more are waking up to the reality that the government is not going to do it for them. They work for whomever flashes the most money in front of them. Companies produce what you want: Prefer junk food? That’s what they will make.

This is Important Point #1: Every cent spent is like a vote. Want better food? Buy it and support it.

This is Important Point #2: Knowledge is power. Knowing what’s in foods, what they do to your body (good and bad), what the difference is between dieting and a healthy lifestyle and so on is half the battle. So is knowing the shady ways many ingredients have been declared safe. Knowledge lets you walk past the junk and know that you are responsible for yourself.

This is Important Point #3: You have time for fitness. It’s not a fad. It’s part of your life. Don’t have time? You made time for hours of television, surfing the internet and other things you can live without. Priorities. Don’t let others define you. That’s a do-it-yourself job.

This is Important Point #4: Nutrition is the other side of the fitness coin. Go back to #2.

This is Important Point #5 and the Most Important Point: Our bodies aren’t design to be inactive, couch potatoes. They aren’t designed to process frankenfood or run on it in any optimal manner. They are designed for movement and action. Adventure and work. The world is full of custom-made food for our bodies.

Perhaps one of the many reasons people have such trouble finding their part of the Story in life — what they are meant to be — is because the very biology they are born with has been ignored, abused and refashioned.

The next time someone tells, “It’s okay to have that once in awhile,” or tries to convince bad food is a “treat” or to keep your “health stuff” to yourself or it’s all “good in moderation” or “I’ll do whatever I want,” say to them this:

“I’d rather live to the full potential that my humanity has innately endowed me with. I won’t let society define for me, or redefine, what humanity is or should be. I was designed for something better than they want for me.”

Be unshackled. Find your Story. Be human again.


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