Will Rome Have to Fall Again?

The Medieval era has always been a fascinating time to study. This is where the modern era was born. Our industry and commerce, our government and arts, our science and technology, all took root in those days. The myth of it being a “dark age” didn’t come until later, from revisionists trying to make their era look better.

With the corruption and malaise of Rome — that only served to maintain the elite — swept away, progress had begun again. Then, and now, calamity befalls the people when they don’t keep its rulers in check, when they cease paying attention to what conspiring their leaders are engaged in. Too busy accepting handouts like the Roman citizens, only to be surprised at the barbarians at their gates. Turns out the barbarians weren’t so barbaric. They built a resilient new civilization better than the last. The fall of Rome was a long time coming, just as our leaders didn’t begin their downward spiral yesterday.

So I wonder why so many who rail against the ruling class, end up siding with those same very people. The rulers that use the same time-worn tricks: Fear and promises, bribery and division. I see people who want change, want to drain the swamp, or change the world. Yet they take their agendas from those pulling the strings, guiding they right back to where the rulers want them.

We have to learn to look through the smoke and mirrors. Our allegiances should not be sold so quickly. Trust must come after reason and caution. Too many think small or with emotion.

Sure, the fall of Rome led the rise of something much better, but do we need endure a collapse to force us awake? Or for once, could we pay attention to our past?


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