Weight of Memory: Vietnam

Ken Burns’ series, The Vietnam War is possibly one of the best, and most important, documentaries I have seen.

Knowing our history — and I repeat myself — is critical in one’s understanding of the world they live in. The Weight of Memory left to us by our collective past teaches, guides, and warns us.

Nearly fifty years have passed since the end of the Vietnam War. Sadly, those who have been born since really don’t know as much about that era as they think, and this is a danger.

If you think your government would never allow politics to override sound foreign policy and put our military in unnecessary harm’s way, you should watch this.

If you think your political party would never lead you astray, regarding our troops or otherwise, you should watch this.

If you believe those who encourage us to believe we live in the most chaotic time ever, you should watch this.

If you think we have learned the lessons Vietnam left us, you should watch this.

If you think you understand what your parents lived through, you should watch this.

War reveals the worst and best in humanity. If you don’t know that, you should watch this.

The Veneer of Civilization is thin. Most parts of the world have kept those who thrive on darkness and death at bay, but every so often, the gates are breached. Our leaders are often the ones who unlock the doors.

Ignore history at your own peril.

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