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Cult of PC

Adherents to the cult of political correctness continues to plague writers and filmmakers. Often, before a film or book even is released, trolls come out of the dark recesses of the internet to create fake outrage over films they often haven’t seen, or books they haven’t read.

When trailers were shown for The Great Wall, self-appointed diversity police immediately complained that the “white” star in a Chinese film, must have been indicative of a “white savior” story. In other words, the white man was going to save the poor Asian masses.

These claims were fishy from the start: This was a Chinese film, filmed in China, by a Chinese director, with a cast made up of nearly all Chinese actors. Additionally, the open-minded Chinese government is very picky on what is shown in its theaters. Perhaps, most importantly, is that it was clearly a fantasy film and didn’t pretend to be otherwise. Continue reading

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On Priorities

If I may digress a bit, the news often gives insight into the minds of people or, perhaps, what they are not thinking. This week, apparently a lot of people think the Confederate flag causes racism and violence and removing it will someone how cause evil to disappear. Others are happy the government is providing them healthcare – this is the same government that has mismanaged and bankrupted every other social help program. And apparently many think they need the government to define marriage for them. Perhaps the government should stay out of the relationship business – and groups/people/etc. should stop inviting them in. While all of that was going on, I think many missed this:


Not that those other issues are unimportant, and they badly need adult discussion rather than sound bite drive-bys, but are our priorities correct or is Rome burning as we fiddle away?

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