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History Uncensored, Remembered

We don’t have to always look towards fiction for powerful stories. Our own history is full of them. Many of the best, and the worst, you may have never heard.

When we are taught history in schools, it is condensed into names, dates and places. Rarely do we get to know the people involved. The result is a distant, impersonal past that seems like it never happened, nor is it relevant to the present.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In Miracles and Massacres, Glenn Beck and others have pulled 12 stories from our past (though some not so long ago). Many are obscure, yet impact us to this day. Some show triumphs of our nation, and others its failures. Some of the failures have been hidden and remain unaddressed. All of these historical events provide valuable lessons for us in government, freedom and justice.

They also put faces to dry facts. When you tell a person’s story, it connects us to them. They are no longer a faded memory, an irrelevant soul. Not all of them are pretty with happy endings. Those are often the ones we shouldn’t forget. We all have a story. Some of those stories reach out from times forgotten begging to be heard.

And sometimes, we had best stop and listen.

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Thrilling the Reader with Real Life

Why are Thrillers named such? That’s largely up to the talent of the writer. They have to grab us and not let go for hundreds of pages. The best of them draw many details from the real world. Even in all the action and far-from-our-own-life-as-possible events happening to the characters, it’s those truths that hook you even further. They draw you in, get you thinking or upset you.

Tom Clancy is known for coming up with details in his techno-thrillers that seem almost too real. Sometimes prophetically so. They have even caught the attention of the military, wondering how he predicted events like terrorists using planes as weapons prior to 9/11. I guess the government doesn’t have all the smart people.

In Robert Bidinotto‘s Hunter draws from the author’s background in researching the criminal justice system. Amongst the action and spycraft it gives readers something to think about. Namely, problems in the justice system that few want to address.

Glenn Beck’s Overton Window takes events from recent history and weaves them into a fictional, yet troubling tale of what our nation could become. Politicos out there will be surprised that it is a story about all in power. It’s hard to tell politicians apart anymore, and perhaps the most insidious part of it all, much of what they do is out there in plain sight.

In The Constantine Codex, author Paul Maier, continues the current fascination with religious-thrillers. Lost scrolls, hidden secrets, haven’t we had enough? Except here we have Maier, a professor of ancient history, infuse his book with real history — nonetheless provocative to some — not the spurious pseudo-histories many authors draw on.

Many authors are talented at making their stories seem real. They have to be, because they are full of impossible situations, especially when you get into genres like fantasy and sci-fi. Those, however, who weave fact in their fiction, are those who best understand the craft of writing.

It entertains. It teaches. It provokes.

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Agenda 21: Orwell’s Worst Nightmare

In a country of over 300 million people, we freely give power to a tiny percentage of people and pay little attention to what they do.

We often live to regret it.

Orwell, Bradbury and Huxley warned us of what governments become. Sometimes we listen, more often that not, we don’t. Fiction, however, is a powerful wake-up call and Agenda 21 joins these other novels of warning.

Set in the near future, it depicts a dystopian America after the full effects of the real-life Agenda 21 has been implemented for many years. Agenda 21 started out as some vague U.N. proclamations about protecting the environment and the poor. Then it became more specific in its intent in stripping private property and wealth of all levels to equalize all people around the world. Of course, “equalize” means taking from people all of the rights and freedoms that allow them to be human. People moved to communities where everyone lives the same with virtually no possessions. No books. No television. No Internet. Everything, down to the amount and type of food eaten and children born, is controlled by people who “know better.” A frightening future.

Even more so considering that the Agenda 21 policy really exists. A quick search finds many politicians here and abroad that support its intents and probable results.

“It would never go as far as this book depicts or those other fear-mongering novels claim!” Well, folks, even here in the U.S. we locked up citizens in prison camps in World War II because they had Japanese heritage. Woodrow Wilson went after people who opposed World War I. Even the hero of the Republic, Abraham Lincoln, shut down papers critical of him during the Civil War.

Don’t say it can’t happen here, because it has. People let their rights be trampled on because they were convinced it was okay. Then they said it would never happen again. Then it did.

People in power — both those that believe they know better than you and those who really want to oppress you — will often be very subtle in their actions. A little change at a time. Vaguely worded laws. Or they will use tragedy, war or disaster to convince you that suspending or giving up rights is the right thing to do. Or maybe they just want to modify your rights, make you think that they are a bit outdated or unfair. Then you wake up one day and ask, “What happened?”

Just ask the Germans in 1945.

That’s why novels like Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke are important. I know political fundies will lose their mind when they see Glenn Beck’s name on the book, but this isn’t about party politics. Agenda 21 is a real menace not only to our Constitution, but our human rights. Opposition is growing and crosses all political lines. Those duped by its reasonable sounding protect our planet and resources mandates are taking a second look. If it was only about those things, no one would care. We all wished our politicians cared further than the next election. Agenda 21 doesn’t stop at finding ways to help the poor or stop environmental destruction.

It’s about the wholesale end to the individual and their birthright to live free and unoppressed and without fear. And it’s very clear in its intent to do so.

So read Agenda 21. This is really what some envision the world should be like. They will say it won’t be that extreme, but you should notice something.

They won’t deny what they are planning. What they want to do this world.

Will people wake-up from their fantasy that the government would never do anything to harm them? Many people will remain hypnotized by their bread and circuses. Fooled by the smoke and mirrors of the politicians.

For the rest of you, put your politics and special interests away, start paying attention and take back your future.

For once, stop and think about what freedom really is. It’s not a buzzword. Not about a flag or country.

Freedom is about your human rights to speak, think and worship as you choose, figuring out for yourself what your ideal life should be and being allowed to defend your life against evil in the world. These are rights man has spent centuries trying to achieve and protect. Don’t take any of these things for granted. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s okay to give up any part of these rights.

If you can’t figure out why, read books like 1984, A Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451 or Agenda 21 and see what lays in store. Take some time to pay attention what is aleady being pushed by politicians in America and elsewhere if you don’t already.

If you aren’t already frightened, you will be.

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